About Tampere Game Hub

Tampere Game Hub ry is all about promoting and cultivating the game development scene in Tampere. Any game development team and company working actively in the Pirkanmaa region can join. The goal of the organization is to unify the Tampere game development scene.

The board members of Tampere Game Hub ry consist of game industry professionals as well as representatives from the educational and business sectors of Tampere.

We believe that by unifying all Tampere region game developers under the same organization we can make an amazing community, bringing new jobs, talent and game studios to the region.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Tampere Game Hub provide?

Think of Tampere Game Hub as an umbrella organization for all the companies in the region. We want to provide mentoring, networking opportunities, business delegations, office spaces, special equipment for game developers and developer gatherings in the Tampere region. Additionally, we will host incubation programs and special events that link other cities to game development talent in Tampere.

Why Tampere?

The better question is, why not? Tampere is the second biggest city of Finland already full of amazing game studios. The opportunities in the city are insane for growth of companies and talented game developers. Even if you are just starting your game development career, you’ll do better here than the capital, thanks to our supporting organizations and tightly-knitted community with a friendly atmosphere.

How many game companies are in the Tampere region?

There are over 30 game development companies in Tampere according to this list from Neogames.

How do I join? How much does membership in the Tampere Game Hub cost?

At the moment, membership is free! You just have to be an active senior member of a game company. We will give you access to your own company profile. Later, we might induct other members from all around the scene – once we’ve got a healthy chunk of active game companies in the area.

When will the website be finished?

At the beginning of 2020 we will be opening company and organization profiles and adding more useful information to the website.

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